Perfect Day for A Picnic

Convertible Poncho - Agabhumi

Convertible Poncho

$ 22.00

A perfect accent for a summer afternoon that will take you into evening. Simply unbutton the coconut buttons and show some arm or toss the fabric over your shoulder.  Read more

Convertible Beach Bells

$ 34.00

Ever wonder how nice it would be to walk on the beach at sunset but your pants lovely are going to drag in the sand? Not with the "Convertible Beach Bells"! As you approach the waters edge just grab the tab and snap up your hem and you're ready for a romp in the surf.  Great look for a summer... Read more
Long Carved Long Carved

Long Carved

$ 88.00

Hand made of Ata (an extremely durable vine used for weaving these distinctively Balinese handbags). The product of 2 artists, a wood carver and a ata bag weaver. Hand carved wooden top contains shell inlay. Closes with a loop of Ata Dimensions: 5" tall, 11 1/2" long, 3 1/2" wide Created by  hand in the ancient Balinese village of Tenganan.... Read more