The innovative and inspirational designs of YANVAN, originated by JanVan Schaik over 45 years ago, continue through the creative artists within the YANVAN family of designers. Consistent with Agabhumi’s philosophy, YANVAN uses only the finest materials in their quest to create great pieces of wearable art.

A hallmark of the Yanvan Collection comes from combining different materials to form a single harmonious piece of jewelry. Represented in Agabhumi’s line are combinations of rubber and silver as well as silver and copper.

The YANVAN collection of outstanding jewelry sells in more than a hundred and twenty major cities around the world, only seven of which are in the United States (Stamford’s Agabhumi store being one of them).

Multi Bangle

$ 198.00

Turquoise Convertible Watch

$ 366.00

Medium Double rubber hoops & sterling silver hoops

$ 46.00

Medium Double Wiggle Hoop Earrings

$ 46.00

Double wiggle hoop banded in sterling silver-large

$ 54.00

Double rubber hoops banded in sterling silver earrings

$ 54.00

Silver with turquoise on rubber necklace

$ 96.00

Triple Band of Rubber & Silver Necklace

$ 164.00

Little Wide hoops

$ 44.00


$ 58.00

Double pearl "D's"

$ 78.00

6 strand silver on rubber bracelet band

$ 180.00

Amethyst oval on silver on rubber

$ 84.00

Triple band silver on rubber bracelet

$ 110.00

Double Band Rings

$ 44.00

Deco Motif Rings

$ 44.00

Oval dot with copper trim

$ 38.00

Double band with Harlequin pattern

$ 48.00

Double band deco center motif

$ 44.00

Double band 4 row dot motif

$ 44.00

Single swirly vine motif

$ 42.00

Copper and silver triple band bracelet

$ 198.00

Rubber Sterling Silver & amethyst accent

$ 84.00

Triple wide Sterling Silver diamond pattern bracelet

$ 250.00

Turquoise set in Sterling Silver and iridescent grey pearl bracelet

$ 118.00

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