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About Agabhumi

Agabhumi is not just a store, it's a story.

Created in the Fall of 2002, Agabhumi's flagship store opened on November 20th, 2002 in Stamford, CT. Agabhumi the Best of Bali has given Michael and me the gift of being able to choose and design products from the exotic island of Bali, Indonesia.

While vacationing in Bali with in September of '02, we were welcomed and entertained by the Oka family; the very same family whom Michael lived with in 1974 while on a trip around the world. The serendipity that brought Michael together with the Oka's so many years ago, swirled around us again when Krishna Bagoes Oka contacted us in '01 to get reacquainted with his "old friend" Michael. A friendship that was forged so long ago seemed as if no time had passed at all and my introduction to this remarkable family during our stay in September of '02 proved that time had only forged a stronger bond for Michael, Krishna, and now his family and me. We are a happy and productive team, having created Agabhumi as a new brand on this fateful "vacation".

The name "Agabhumi" which means "ancient firmament" represents, for us, a reflection of the strength and creativity of the artisans with whom we have the pleasure of working. The ability of these craftspeople to produce unique and exciting designs is world renowned and we truly feel it is a mission to help expose the breadth of their collective talents to consumers hungry for special, utilitarian design. By feeding this talent pool with design trends from the high fashion market, we put Agabhumi at the head of the fashion curve. In the twelve years since we opened Agabhumi, Stamford, we have built a brand now recognized across the US through editorial coverage in such fashion bibles as InStyle, Marie Claire, Lucky, Glamour and Cosmopolitan magazines. We have, as well, received recognition locally in the press and in Connecticut Magazine. 

Our Barbados store, opened in December of '04, is being visited by an International clientele, familiar with our brand thanks to our extensive editorial coverage. Please enjoy our "store", our story and our photo album. We shoot hundreds of photos on every trip to Bali. The culture of Bali never ceases to astound and delight! 

Selemat Jalan (Enjoy your journey)!
Cheers, Regina and Michael